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Find information about the 25:1 CBD:THC (250mg) Tablets from Stratos such as potency, common effects, and where to find it. Stratos Energy tablets are produced from the highest quality Sativa strain-type THC to deliver a clear headed, energetic mental high. When you need a little  Now, you can get THC pills with upwards of 90% THC content. Here are the best ones. Reviewer Priscilla Henson, M.D.– August 2, 2019. Health. thc capsules. CBD tablets offer an equal balance of CBD to THC giving users the best of both worlds in a small descrete dose. Shop now at The Spot 420.

"When cannabis started to be available recreationally in Colorado, there was a clear need for consistent, reproducible dosing With their expertise, Stratos tablets were born and changed consumer expectations. CBD 1:1; CBD 15:1; CBD 2:1; CBD 25:1; Energy Pills; Relax Pills; Sleep Pills; 1:1 Soothe CBD Reviews (0) 

5 Aug 2018 CBD 1:1 is a CBD & THC hybrid from Stratos available in multiple ratios (4 customer reviews). Category: Tablet. Description; Reviews (4). Description. Our CBD tablets are intentionally blended ratios of CBD and hybrid 

Soothe(ER) sailing from here. Formulated with equal parts CBD (300mg) + THC (300mg) and infused with seven complementary essential oils including arnica, black pepper, clove, helichrysum, lemon, peppermint, and wintergreen, our topical salve is designed to serve up emergency relief and get you back to feeling your very best.

Stratos is an amazing product! As a budtender it is my go-to recommendation for a fast acting, discreet and easy way for customers to consume! My crew got samples and my favorite has been the Energy. It gives a good gradual rise that hits a nice warm peak giving you plenty of motivation and energy, without a heavy crash. My husband likes the CBD 1:1, as they help with his diabetes, for pain Stratos - 15:1 CBD Tablets | Kind Love With cannabis tablets, you can get all the benefits of typical medical marijuana use without the side effects of smoking. Stratos tablets are also more portable, thus making them much more discreet than the traditional method of combusting cannabis. These pills are a safer and arguably better way to get your THC and CBD dose. Especially good Best Selling Capsules in Colorado - Headset Ready to see beyond the top ten? Headset tracks 1000s of products across a variety of markets, in real-time. Get access to Headset Insights to see the full product ranking list, sales numbers, margins, % of sales and more! Stratos CBD 1:1 (CBD + Hybrid THC) Capsules | Weedmaps

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A great cannabis experience should begin with a feeling of certainty. With Stratos CBD 2:1 immediate release tablets, not only can you expect a rapid onset of effects, but you can be sure your experience will yield the same effect every time you enjoy them. We take a scientific approach in our manufacturing processes employing pharmaceutical industry benchmark standards to ensure reproducible People's experience with 1:1 THC:CBD strains : eldertrees